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There are many ways to back up your data but the one that we particularly recommend is tape backup. Why? Because of the following advantages:

​​Costof Ownership

According to different reports, tape is less expensive than disk in many applications. Tape can cost up to 15x less than SATA disk for long-term storing of large amount of data.


Whilst many disk have now increased in sizes, tape cartridge have a capacity of 6.25 TB. And a roadmap exists to take it much higher.


​A lot of people are under the impression that tape data loss is quite common but according to studies tape media cartridges are more reliable than SATA disk drive, with tape automated tape systems having a reliability level of 99.99 percent. 

There's 100 times more likely of having bad data on a disk than you are on an tape drive, according to storage analysts. 

Fast performance

​Data can now be recovered in a matter of seconds or just a few minutes with the possibility of moving data at speeds of over 1TB/hr.


Tape is one of the best media on which you can reliably store your data and also move it offsite for disaster recovery purposes.

Lower cost per GB

With quite a low average cost, tape storage is the one of the most affordable option for storing large amounts of data.


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