Every year nearly 50% of computer users suffer loss of data. Protect it by using Solve IT online backup.

Online / cloud backup solutions protect against disasters such as theft, fire, water damage, virus, power failure and technical faults all of which can lead to important data loss. Companies often only realise the importance of backup once data has been lost; it is then too late. This is why a good backup solution is essential.

Advantages of Online Backup

Offsite Storage

Think of a scenario where all your valuable data is backed up on an external hard drive that you keep in your home or office close to your computer. One single natural disaster or catastrophic event (a fire or flood) can destroy all those backups making them completely useless and irrelevant. Keeping your backups in the same place as the originals is never a good idea. An online backup service solves this problem by storing your data on secure servers in an offsite location. 

​​Automatesthe Backup Process

One of the biggest reasons many users fail to back up as often as they should is that it requires them to run a manual backup. One of the main reasons to switch to an online backup service is that it can automate your backup process. Our solution offers a backup scheduler and incremental backups. An incremental backup only copies new data or changes that have been made to already backed-up files.

Increased Security

Where you decide to keep your backups stored brings another advantage of online backup services: increased security. Many users, home and even business, keep sensitive information, financial records and tax documents unsecured on external drives or CDs. What happens if that sensitive information is stolen? Remote backups lower this risk by using powerful encryption and security measures to ensure no one but you has access to your data.


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