•  Is your existing telephone system not living to your expectations? Solve IT can help you move and expand your current phone system by changing it to a VOIP system, locally or in the cloud, giving you tons of benefits and cutting the costs. You don’t need any new lines installed or lengthily contracts. All you need is Solve IT. We plan and manage your move so that everything goes smoothly. From supplying the server, locally or hosted, the handsets and even choosing what on hold music your system will have we’re here to help. Having a VOIP system gives you the ability to configure your system in ways you never imagined. You can manage and monitor everything centrally. And if you have multiple sites, it’s so easy to be in contact with everyone at the touch of a button. You can even take your extension on your mobile and use it as you’re in the office giving your customer the confidence that you’re always there for them. Do not miss out on the advantages of a VOIP system. Contact us today for a quote. 

3CX Cloud Phone System

All pricing is per month and excludes VAT. Call charges are not included please contact us for our latest cost tariffs

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